We need your help! We have a handful of pre-approved buyers ready to purchase, that haven't found the right place to call home. 

Buyer 1

$250,000-325,000 price range

need a basement, wooded and/or private backdrop

SE or SW Columbia

Buyer 2

Up to $220,000ish

Small acreage or privacy


Slab or basement

Buyer 3

Below $500,000

Basement or 2 story

Southwest or Southeast Columbia

Buyer 4

Below $500,000

Old Southwest or Southwest

Older Charm and Character or Modern/contemporary with clean lines

Buyer 5

Up to $170,000

Central or Southwest Columbia

Buyer 6

Up to $280,000

Easy access to I-70 from Stadium toward Woolridge Exit

Small acreage

Buyer 7

Up to 200,000

Newer Slab

Central Columbia

If you or anyone you know has a home that could fit the description and would consider selling, please contact us or call Bev at 573.864.5054! 

If you have an agency agreement with another brokerage this is not a solicitation.