The most significant event in all of Columbia’s history, having the most lasting impact, occurred in the 1840’s.This was the acquisition and organization of the University of Missouri. This institution was not a gift to Columbia but came as a result of fund-raising efforts on the part of citizens of Boone County. They out pledged six other counties for the honor of building the university. Interest in education goes back to the original founding of Columbia, where plans for the town show 10 acres set aside for the site of a state university

Columbia lies in an area originally called Boone’s Lick Country and was explored in the early 1800’s by the sons of Daniel Boone. Columbia was to develop a distinctly southern flavor, due to the fact that many of its early settlers came from below the Mason-Dixon line. Columbia began as Smithton, named after the Smithton Land Company and was laid out in the winter of 1818-19. Due to the shortage of water, Smithton was abandoned in May 1821 and the city name was changed to Columbia.

From a frontier village to a city that has consistently been rated in the top twenty desirable cities in America by Money Magazine, Columbia has much of which to be proud!

Source: House of Brokers Relocation Magazine