What inspection items are appropriate to repair? This is a loaded question. Often times what is appropriate will depend on the verbiage of the contract and determined on a case by case basis. 

We do have some general guidelines we like to start with:

Safety items (We always recommend starting with items that could pose a safety risk).

  • High Radon Gas level
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Loose railings
  • Fireplace/Chimney Safety items

Other reasonable items (May require a 2nd opinion from a qualified specialist in the appropriate field).

  • Active termites
  • Hail damaged roof
  • Plumbing systems properly operating
  • Leaky basements
  • HVAC working properly

Typically unreasonable items (Many of these items should have already been negotiated in the offer)

  • Cosmetic or mechanical upgrades
  • Pest control prevention system
  • New paint and/or flooring 
  • Landscaping

The more realistic you keep the negotiations, the better the chances of a win-win solution for everyone. Luckily, you have a Realtor that will help guide you through the inspection negotiation process. Together we will determine what is and is not reasonable to ask for if you are a buyer and/or agree to repair if you are a seller. 


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